Tire Truing and Balancing

State-of-the-Art Tire Truing Services

Add comfort and safety to your rig's operation by having your tires trued and balanced by the experts at Sindall Truck Service. Given the challenges facing today’s transport industry, and the dedicated professionals behind every wheel, it’s critical to keep each tractor/trailer at the highest level of safety and comfort. 

No driver can tolerate shakes in the tractor/trailer or shimmies in the steering wheel. That’s why tire truing is a valuable safety procedure. The truing process slowly rotates the tire and wheel assembly, then uses a high-speed blade that precisely and meticulously moves across the face of the tire, shaving off irregular spots to create a perfectly round assembly.

The uniformly equal distance from the centerline of the axle guarantees the smoothest ride possible. Tire truing has been proven to maximize tire performance and wear. It also assures the most comfortable ride.

Tire Balancing Services

A natural follow-through in the tire-truing process is tire balancing. Sindall offers both high-speed spin balancing and Equal tire balancing.

High-speed spin balancing allows for the balance of tire, wheel, brake drum, and hub assembly. This method, which uses lead weights while the tire is on the truck, has a distinct advantage over balancing only the tire and wheel—doing the job as one assembly assures the greatest possible accuracy.

Equal balancing is defined by a balancing agent named Equal, a plastic granular material that works by free-floating in the tire. Available for all tire sizes, Equal reacts to changes in the balance of the tire over time, then compensates to handle them. Equal can be installed in new tires when they are mounted. For already mounted tires, Equal can be installed with specialty equipment through the valve system.
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