Reading, PA

The Reading Name You Can Trust in Truck and Trailer Repair Service 

If you are looking for truck and trailer repair experts in Reading PA, head over to Sindall Truck Service. we are the truck and trailer repair shop that you can depend on for speedy repairs, maintenance and service. The fact is when you need truck and trailer repair you need it to be done right and you need it to be done quick without sacrificing quality repairs. At Sindall Truck Service, our commitment is to provide top quality truck and trailer maintenance and repairs that keep our customers safe! 
Truck Repair

Reduce Your Risk 

We are here to provide you with the services that help you to avoid risks on the road. Everything from truck wash service to total truck engine overhauls at Sindall is done with the goal of keeping you and your rig safe on the road! If you have a need for your truck and trailer we can take care of it, including:
  • Truck and Trailer Repair Shop
  • Truck and Trailer Alignment
  • Truck & Trailer Clutch Replacement
  • Truck & Trailer Emissions Inspections
  • Truck / Trailer Suspension & Transmission Repair
We address the issues before they become a danger on the road. Taking your truck and trailer to Sindall’s for regular maintenance and service will help you to avoid costly and time-consuming breakdowns. It will help to increase the longevity of your truck and improve fuel efficiency. We are the trusted name in truck repair for the mid-Atlantic region because we take good care of you and your truck. Reduce the risk of mechanical failure with maintenance and service, if your truck is already in mechanical failure we will get her back up and running. Contact us for maintenance, service and repairs that you can always trust! 

For quality truck repair services,
visit 465 Diller Avenue.
Get the best support in trucking from the best trucking people in the Mid-Atlantic area.
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